California’s Influential Executive Coaches Redefining Leadership

California’s Influential Executive Coaches Redefining Leadership

Businesses in California are seeing a dramatic shift because of leadership coaching. Companies are under more pressure than ever before, so they are searching for exceptional mentors to assist their executives in developing personally and professionally. Not your run-of the-mill consultants, but rather the brains behind a revolutionary new approach to leadership, designed to bring about positive change. This article will explore California’s top executive coaches to learn their secrets (their methods!) and ideologies, as well as the profound effect they’re having on our understanding of leadership. Not only are these mentors influencing the trajectory of businesses, but they are also changing the whole definition of leadership.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has revolutionized contemporary leadership with the use of 360-degree feedback. INC Magazine named him one of the top ten business thinkers in the world, and he is also the number one executive coach in the United States. Goldsmith has a Ph.D. from UCLA and has been a leader for almost 40 years. His books, such as Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, set new standards in the field of leadership writing.

Over 150 CEOs have hired Goldsmith as a coach, and his focus is on long-lasting, positive behavioral change. He trains people to be leaders, shows executives how to coach, and helps big businesses set up peer coaching programmes that work. His one-of-a-kind methods make sure that leadership growth fits with what companies will need in the future, and they are backed up by regular checks to see how well they’re doing

Dr. Tasha Eurich

Dr. Tasha Eurich is the founder of The Eurich Group and an organizational psychologist with a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. She has worked with more than 20,000 leaders around the world over the course of more than 20 years and given them life-changing advice on self-awareness and leadership. Two of her books, “Bankable Leadership” and “Insight,” were bestsellers and received excellent reviews for their innovative strategies for achieving success in the business world.

Many people around the world have named Dr. Eurich the best self-awareness coach and speech expert. Her new book, “Shatterproof,” is about being strong and successful in a world full of change. Other than her work, she is also involved with charities such as the National Mill Dog Rescue and the Colorado Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Zach Goldberg

Zach Goldberg, the Startup CTO Coach, is the perfect example of someone who is both a business leader, mentor and an advocate for education. Zach is a seasoned CTO who has made a name for himself in a wide range of fields, from tech giants like Microsoft and Google to startups like Dama Financial and Gruntwork. Zach recently published a book: “The Startup CTO’s Handbook,” and made it available both on Amazon and for free on GitHub. Making the book open source shows how eager he is to share what he has learned on his journey.

In his spare time, he encourages the next generation to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) via programmes like Advance The World. His wide range of experiences, including a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, shows how skilled and creative he is. Zach Goldberg stands out not only as a tech star, but also as someone who can help others in business and education.

Adam Lafferty

Adam Lafferty has worked in venture capital and technology for almost 20 years and now offers executive coaching that is both new and precise. His ontological, philosophy-based method makes goals clear and encourages good performance habits. His clients include tech experts, startups, TV stars, and people who want to change the system as a whole. These people have benefited from his guidance in programmes like the Social Capital Academy and the Centre for Socially Engaged Design at the University of Michigan.

Adam grows his knowledge through workshops all over the world, and he has been certified by top colleges in mindfulness and compassion cultivation. Besides teaching, he supports a more holistic way of life, which can be seen in his hobby farm and his support for local food movements. Adam lives out his commitment to making the world a “you and me” place through meditative practices and involvement in the community.

Alison Pothier

With 20 years of executive coaching expertise in addition to extensive industry experience, Alison Pothier is an invaluable asset to the business world. She has first-hand experience in international C-Suite and executive team leadership from her time spent working on Wall Street and in London where she held prestigious positions including COO and Global Head of E-Trading.

Alison is valued for her profound insight and integrity, and stresses the importance of a healthy culture in deriving inspired results. Her transformational approach combines deep intuition, strategic insight and practical application. Beyond coaching, Alison also leads workshops, offsites and retreats which increase her impact in areas of personal and professional growth. Alison Pothier was featured in the well-known movie “Choice Point,” and she continues to motivate and inspire others to make evolutionary changes to achieve their goals.

Susie Medak

Coach Susie Medak is changing the face of leadership, thanks to her groundbreaking work in cultural nonprofits. Medak is a great example of adapting and resilience because she led Berkeley Repertory Theatre to fame by taking smart risks and managing the company’s money properly. Her leadership, which is based on collaboration, emotional intelligence, and transformative change, has been very important during crises, showing that she can motivate and bring teams together.

Her dedication to teaching new talent, shown by the success of those she has taught, also shows how much she wants to develop leadership potential. As an executive coach, Medak uses her extensive experience to give people the tools they need to overcome challenges, see things from a different angle, and reach their full potential. Her steadfast commitment to helping others reach their full potential shows how much she has changed the way leadership is thought of.

Tanya Newbould

With 20+ years in the entertainment industry as an actor, Tanya chose to leave that behind to follow her passion, being a Life Transformation Strategist, Executive Coach, Entrepreneur, and Jewelry Designer. With five businesses to her name, Tanya stays active, as well as coaching others to grow and see their true magnificence, so that they will transform their world and the world around them with power, passion & purpose. An ACC Coach with her International Coaches Federation (ICF) and is a Licensed Academy Trainer (LAT) for the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE Coaching).

She is a passionate advocate for Postpartum Depression, so she attained her Certification and Advanced Certification from Postpartum Support International (PSI) in Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders (PMAD’s). After suffering and surviving her own PPD trauma, Tanya had the forethought, Co-Created and Co-Produced “When the Bough Breaks – A Documentary about Postpartum Depression ” ” Executive Produced and narrated by Brooke Shield’s, viewed in over sixty countries and six languages. She co-authored the book ‘Absolute Vision’ and is wrapping up her memoir of her PPD journey.

Tanya won the 2019 Flaunt It Award for her work in Postpartum Depression from ‘Don’t Hide It Flaunt It’ (DHIFI), and she chose to not only survive but thrive from her experience and help others know they are not alone. As Executive Coach and Consultant, Tanya transforms the workspace as the missing link in mindset which translates on every level in business. Tanya leads with compassion, empathy, intuition, intelligence, and faith. Being of service to others transformation is the fulfillment she is honored to be a part of.

Kathy Krul-Manor

Kathy Krul-Manor brings to the table more than 25 years of experience in the HR space and now serves her clients as a leadership consultant and executive coach. She led global human capital projects as a senior leader at Deloitte, where she honed her skills in Leadership Development, Talent Management Strategy, and Global HR Advisory. Kathy’s unique approach to leadership assessments and performance coaching enables her to build trust and focus on achieving real results.

Her dedication to helping her clients push the limits on leadership and organizational impact is what motivates Kathy as the founder of KKM Leadership, LLC. Leveraging 360 Feedback and a Strengths-based coaching approach, Kathy continues to shape the future of leadership by setting new standards of excellence and inspiring change in the field.

Siobhan Neilland

Siobhan Neilland is a trailblazer in executive coaching and corporate consulting, transforming leadership through innovative talent and organizational development strategies. As Founder and CEO of SER Consulting’s LEAPahead Talent Solutions and LEAP-to-Success Executive Strategy Coaching, she attracts top-tier talent and cultivates inclusive leadership cultures. Her work with Fortune 500 giants like Amazon and Google, alongside Silicon Valley startups, solidifies her reputation for building high-performance, diverse teams. Siobhan’s LEAP-to-Success Executive Coaching offers private coaching for executives, merging traditional methods with cutting-edge personal development to help leaders balance ambition with fulfillment.

Siobhan’s impact extends beyond corporate walls. As the founder of, she has delivered crucial healthcare services in sub-Saharan Africa since 2008. Through her JOY-Success platform, she promotes societal betterment by combining economic support with emotional and social well-being. Siobhan’s holistic approach ensures inclusive growth and access to essential resources, positioning her as a powerful advocate for systemic change and empowerment.

Jenna Dillon

Jenna is an executive coach and innovation catalyst specializing in leadership and culture. Her diverse background spans dance, business management, psychology, and sociology, giving her a unique and innovative approach to executive coaching. As the founder and CEO of the Executive Performance Institute for Coaching, she stands out for her unique and innovative methods.

She works with high-performance leaders, including entrepreneurs, top-level executives, and artists, helping them surpass their limits and achieve exceptional results. Jenna leads a dynamic team of experts who provide elite executive coaching services and certify high-quality executive coaches.

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