Tanya is an expert
in resilience

from being adopted in the U.K., growing up with an alcoholic parent, surviving PPD to go on to co-produce the award winning “When the Bough Breaks-a documentary about Postpartum Depression”.

Tanya Newbould About page

Growing up, Tanya was under the impression that you had to choose ONE profession growing up or you would be “Jack of all trades, master of none”. For years, Tanya believed that to be true, but was never satisfied with only going after one thing.

Tanya Newbould About page

everything changed when you have


Cumulatively, Tanya realized that her life experience from being adopted in England, growing up with one alcoholic parent and one who suffered from manic depression only fueled her move to California from Michigan at 21 in pursuit of acting. After making many mistakes, there came a point where she was not able to eat for a week because she had run out of money.

Determined to survive, it created a strength and determination to expand in many areas of life. Majoring in Speech Communications with a minor in Theater from C.S.U.L.B., Tanya moved to L.A. and began her work in over 18 feature films, T.V. and commercials.

By the time Tanya was 30, she met and married her soulmate but felt she lived by her past story which made her feel she couldn’t truly achieve her dreams. Not wanting to accept that, Tanya embarked on a journey of self reflection, growth and knowledge. Her first foundation has always been her faith in God, but after having her beautiful daughter and suffering from horrific PPD, Tanya was determined to help others and had the forethought for a documentary about PPD. She partnered with two amazing women to co-produce “When The Bough Breaks-a documentary about Postpartum depression”, Executive Produced and narrated by Brooke Shields. Now available in 70 countries and six languages, this film has helped many women and families. This launched her public speaking career and more recently Coaching as a motivational, spiritual life coach life coach.

share knowledge, help others

The ability to share knowledge, help and let others know “you truly are not alone” is her passion. Throughout her adult years, Tanya’s form of enjoyment has always been creating and designing jewelry which led to Del Pozzo Jewelry. Her stunning pieces have been featured in such publications as “Vogue”, “Glamour”, “Variety”, “Conde Naste”, “Angelino” and many more around the world. Owning several businesses has not only been a pleasure, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Life is here now and every day YOU have the CHOICE to change it even if one tiny step at a time and create a powerful, loving and fun life!

Things I’m known for


I love to create, to work and express my creativity in many different fashions!


We are never alone and I want to shre this with everyone.


I believe in God and the power of determination!

Public Speaker

PPD Advocate

Spiritual Life Coach