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Morning Cup of Faith

with Brenda Epperson-Moore and Shelley Anderson Myers

“Your Mess is Your Message” with Tanya Newbould, PPD Warrior & Spiritually Inspired Coach

Tanya shares, “We all come here to learn and grow; that is God’s purpose for us. When something bad happens to us we automatically think,”Oh my God, I’m such a mess,’ but your mess is your message.”

Tanya found herself hysterically sobbing on the kitchen floor four months after the birth of her beautiful daughter which led to her to co-producing the award-winning documentary “When the Bough Breaks “ about the realities of PPD executive produced and narrated by actress Brooke Shields (Amazon Prime, iTunes). Tanya discusses the myths of PPD and how you can help support someone through their motherhood journey.

Get Carried Away

with Carrie Murray

Inspired Connections with Tanya Newbould

Tanya Newbould is an actor, producer, coach, and jewelry designer. She is passionate about helping you to learn what you don’t know you don’t know, break the story that holds you back & move you into your God given power! She is also an advocate for talking about postpartum depression and other issues effecting new moms.

Mom & mind podcast

Ep. 61: When The Bough Breaks – PPD Documentary & Personal Story

Tanya shares her personal journey with Postpartum Depression and how her experience sparked the beginning of the When The Bough Breaks – A Documentary about Postpartum Depression. Tanya tells us:

  • About her personal experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • How she came to know that she had postpartum depression and antenatal depression.
  • How she coped and what helped her to recover
  • What it was like to do the documentary after her own experience

more than me podcast

The Marked Road to Opportunity, Tanya Newbould

Looking in the rearview mirror, it is easy to see the path that was laid out for you had lead to massive opportunity. But when walking that path, it might actually have felt like a never ending minefield.

Join Becky and Tanya this week as they take a brief walk through the minefield of Tanya’s life. Discussing foster care, abuse, alcoholism, and postpartum depression. Looking on these painful pieces with care, but also examining the opportunity that came from them. This is the story of a beautiful woman who used her relationships, passion, drive and Jesus to bring about a special documentary produced by Brooke Shields. A great reminder that opportunity is just around the corner for everyone.

postpartum perspectives podcast

Have you watched When the Bough Breaks yet? Which story did you relate to most?

Life is here now and every day YOU have the CHOICE to change it even if one tiny step at a time and create a powerful, loving and fun life!