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We are all energy and connected. The way we learn and grow, connect and present ourselves makes all the difference in our world. Whether I’m speaking on Postpartum Depression and overcoming it, or “Who You Are When You Walk Through the Door” for corporations, sales, teams or personally, I want you to know, you are not alone, you can change, you deserve to have success both personally and professionally.

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tanya’s gift

“Tanyas gift for speaking is how she draws people in, everyone wants to talk to her after she speaks and share their feelings and thank her. She truly has a gift that is meant to be shared!”

– Liz Svatek, The Warrior Moms

best presentation

“Tanya spoke for almost an hour and kept the sales team focused and involved the entire time. She shared personal experiences, mistakes she has made and lessons she has learned. She gave the team ideas on how to improve their client relationships through effective communication techniques. She wanted every attendee to feel confident that they could achieve the same level of success that she experienced if they utilized even just a few of her ideas. After her presentation, I had a large number of Account Executives come up to me to tell me that this was one of the best presentations they had ever seen. Many asked that we have Tanya return to present again since she connected so well with the team.

I highly recommend Tanya as a partner for any organization looking to improve client relationships and sales executive communication skills. She will deliver a high energy, impactful and fun experience that your sales and support teams will appreciate and enjoy.“

— Glen Pacek, Executive Vice President of Sweis, Inc.


“Tanya is an inspirational person, coach, and friend. She is also an incredibly moving speaker and coach that leaves her audience/clients moved to change and build upon their lives. She inspires others to grow, trust their instinct, and improve themselves personally which in turn adds value to their business, families and beyond.”

— Tiffany Smiley, Founder More Than Me

unique wisdom gems

“Let me tell you, Tanya is one of the kindest, most spiritual beings I have ever met! Her ability to assess a person and situation is a gift that only a few possess. Tanya has the ability to make you feel comfortable and safe to express your deepest concerns and unfold them with such ease that after one conversation you leave feeling so much brighter and lighter. Her vast experience in the business world enables her to share unique wisdom gems that you can take with you forever! I highly recommend Tanya as a life coach for anyone wanting to get out of their own way and living the best life imaginable!”

— Gwendolyn Osborne, Founder of Lomoliqie Facial oil, “Tea With Gwen“ podcast, Actress-Amazon Warrior in WW1984, singer and on fire Entrepreneur!

community builder

“Tanya Del Pozzo is a thought leader, an inspirational speaker, and a community builder in the Post Partum Depression space. She reaches women through sharing her incredible journey with PPD and by revealing the true struggle and depth of that time in her life. Women across the country flock to Tanya for understanding, learning, and compassion. Tanyas gift for speaking is how she draws people in, everyone wants to talk to her after she speaks and share their feelings and thank her. She truly has a gift that is meant to be shared!

I have featured Tanya as a writer, a speaker, and a guest on my podcast. Tanya is always real, raw, and to the point. She understands timing and flow and is a fabulous person to work with.”

— Liz Svatek, “Conversations with Warrior Women Podcast”

powerful woman

“I was invited by a friend to attend the “More Than Me” event in LA and I didn’t know what to expect. As an actress/producer and writer I love hearing and learning from other powerful women. I have a two year old son that I love more than life itself, but being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever done. When you spoke about your experience with Postpartum Depression and your vulnerability around your experience, I was very moved. I could relate to many things you said and it gave me the sense of having those feelings at that time was o.k. The fact that you took that experience and had the thought to create a documentary, which I then watched, really blew me away, and helped my husband understand what a woman really goes through when she has a baby. I wish I had seen it before I had my son, but I know it has helped women and families all over the world. You also made me laugh with your honesty and motivated me in a good way to always be supportive of others and their circumstances. If you do any more speaking engagements I would love to come and recommend my friends and colleagues to attend too.”

— Brianne Davis, actress, director and author of Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex & Love Addict and host of Secret Life Podcast.

Life is here now and every day YOU have the CHOICE to change it even if one tiny step at a time and create a powerful, loving and fun life!