New Year’s Resolutions with Tanya Newbould

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions with Tanya Newbould

In this interview by KTLA 5 with Tanya Newbould, a life coach and motivational speaker, she discussed the importance of setting clear and achievable New Year’s resolutions. She emphasized the words “intentions,” not “resolutions,” or the need to focus on specific goals with a plan, such as becoming more physically vital, rather than general resolutions like “I want to lose weight.”

Tanya stressed the importance of accessing your true priorities to achieve these goals and being accountable to oneself. She advised people to take small steps and make gradual changes instead of making drastic changes all at once.

Additionally, Tanya suggested having someone who will help you throughout the process of keeping yourself on track towards achieving your goals. At the end of the interview, Tanya also reveals her secret to success.

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